Definition of Rock and Hard Place

Posted on Jun 26, 2011 in Cars, Stunts | Comments Off

Misty, honey, can you please put mommy on the phone? Yes dear, I’m going to be late for dinner. I’m currently stuck in the...

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DIY Car Modification

Posted on Jun 26, 2011 in Cars, Funny | Comments Off

I was looking through the magazine DIY Car Modz, and I saw an advertisement for a cheap set of spoilers. I bought this set, made of heavy...

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Car Splashes Bystander

Posted on Jun 24, 2011 in Cars, Weather | Comments Off

If you’re walking around after a good rain and you see a puddle of water with cars speeding by, don’t get near the area. You...

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Gamers Rear View Mirror

Posted on Apr 18, 2011 in Cars, Motivational Posters | Comments Off

You know this guy is one serious gamer when he takes off the words “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” and...

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Can you spot what doesn’t belong?

Posted on Apr 16, 2011 in Cars | Comments Off

Take a good look at the picture. Can you spot what doesn’t belong? If you guessed the sports utility vehicle that crashed and...

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Sorry Boss: Big Truck Flipped Over

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 in Cars | Comments Off

These big construction trucks have a VERY low risk of being flipped over due to their low center of gravity (do you know how much each...

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