Movie Look Alike for Pixar Animation Up

Posted on Apr 19, 2011 in Funny, Movies, People | Comments Off

Pictured above is a kid that would win a look alike contest for one of the characters from the film. If you haven’t seen the...

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Justin Bieber is Gansta

Posted on Apr 19, 2011 in Celebrity, Hip-Hop, People | Comments Off

This cholo gansta with tattoos and all is posing with arms crossed in front of a Justin Bieber poster. Can you spot what’s wrong...

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Funny Roller Coaster Picture

Posted on Apr 18, 2011 in Funny, People | Comments Off

The funny part is, you probably look like one of these people when you ride a roller coaster. What could the guy on the cell phone...

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How to Karate Kick

Posted on Apr 16, 2011 in People | Comments Off

That’s a rather impressive karate kick given this girl is a little on the heavy side. If you can kick anything higher than your...

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Don’t Be this Guy on the Dance Floor

Posted on Mar 15, 2011 in Men, People | Comments Off

All of you guys have done this at one time or another on the dance floor. And the sad part is you don’t even realize how creepy you...

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On Einstein and Tolerance

Posted on Mar 15, 2011 in Celebrity, Motivational Posters, People | Comments Off

Einstein really is a historic figure in the subject of tolerance. He wasn’t necessarily afforded the favorable status as he enjoys...

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