Water on Road During Rain

Posted on Jun 24, 2011 in Signs | Comments Off

We hear it all the time: common sense is not so common. This sing warns drivers: Caution water on road during rain. Really? There’s...

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Maintenance Shop Fixes Everything

Posted on Apr 19, 2011 in Signs | Comments Off

The sign says they can repair “anything.” Maybe they meant to say “just about everything except door bells.” Or...

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Church devoid of Rocket Science

Posted on Apr 18, 2011 in Church Signs, Signs | Comments Off

No. It’s not rocket SCIENCE– to make a reference to something people have heard of at least a thousand times. The church goer...

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Blond Cheerleader

Posted on Apr 17, 2011 in College Humor, School, Signs | Comments Off

This blond cheerleader is holding a “Go” sign upside down. You may get the impression that she’s not that bright;...

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Do it Right the First Time

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 in Signs | Comments Off

If it worth doing, it’s worth doing it right the first time. That really is priceless advice. If you didn’t see the meaning of...

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Another Spill by BP

Posted on Apr 12, 2011 in Office Humor, Signs | Comments Off

How resourceful and productive. The person who saw this coffee spill took their time to search for a BP logo, think of a funny line, print...

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