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definition of unexplainable

Go ahead. Try to explain this one. The depiction above has no explanation. Don’t agree with us? Write some comments below and make sure to explain the following: rolled over FedEx truck, police, guy with arms folded, wide smile on the guy with a tux holding a sewing machine as if he’s a salesman making a pitch on why you have to buy one TODAY at the amazing price of $2000 with the extended warranty.

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  1. UPS guy (arms crossed) was near his final stop, a wedding, when he exited his vehicle. He failed to set the parking brake and the van rolled backwards across a sidewalk into a the water way. A guest at the wedding saw the van rolling backwards, realized his gift was sent via UPS and was supposed to arrive that day (the sewing machine), and is proudly displaying that he managed to save his gift, though the packaging got damaged(which is why it is no longer wrapped up). The cops are questioning the UPS man (who seems amused at the incident) and trying to figure out wtf happened, just like most of you.